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Global food politics is authored by Noah Zerbe, Associate Professor of Politics at Humboldt State University.

  1. Glad to have come across your site. Anything that raises issues and questions the global food industry is a positive measure from where I stand.

  2. Also glad to have discovered your blog! Great work! Keep it up!

  3. Alana Mann permalink

    Great site, Noah. I am visiting the USA in July / August to find out more about food movements and look forward to sharing thoughts with you. My book on food sovereignty campaigns of La Via Campesina is Global Activism in Food Politics: Power Shift

    • Thanks, Alana, and thanks for sharing your book. It looks very good. I look forward to reading it and hearing more from you!

  4. So happy to have discovered this blog! Thank you for writing these helpful, insightful posts; your blog is a great resource on the ways we think about food production and consumption, something I hope will become a more pertinent topic of conversation in my field (gender studies).

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