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Musicians Become Foodies

July 26, 2013

live-nation1Live Nation, one of the country’s largest concert promoter, announced that it would be overhauling its concession operations to serve only local produce and humanely-produced meats. Live Nation owns 38 amphitheaters across the United States, and announced it would source food sold at those venues within 100 miles of each wherever possible. It will also purchase all meats from producers carrying Certified Human, Global Animal Partnership, or Animal Welfare Approved certification. It has also brought on celebrity chef Hugh Acheson to revamp menus and help guide the changes. In total, the changes are estimated to cost around $1 million per year.

But according to Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, “As we dug into it, what came second to us was that what’s important isn’t just what’s on the menu, but the supply chain behind it. And if it’s going to be local and we’re going to look at the supply chain, let’s make sure we’re doing the right thing and make sure the animals are treated well before they get to market.”

Another small victory in developing a more healthy, humane, and just food system.


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