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The Real Monthly Budgets of McDonald’s Employees

July 18, 2013

McdonaldsFollowing the publication of the outrageous budget proposed for McDonald’s employees, CNN has published the real-life monthly budgets of five McDonald’s employees. All five indicate negative monthly spending, relying on support from friends and family to make ends meet. None make anywhere near the income suggested by the original McDonald’s budget, even when working a second job. Most indicate that they are employed by McDonald’s only part time, despite their desire for full-time work.

And many have expenses not included in the McDonald’s budget—prescription medication not covered by insurance, childcare expenses, and so on. All are African American, adding an important racial element to the broader questions of economic inequality. It’s not a pretty picture, but well worth the read. The first, that of Devonte Yates, is pictured below.



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  1. When I saw McDonald’s budget I laughed out loud. It’s been many years since I was a single mom living hand to mouth (life has been kind and I’ve worked hard), but I thought they really should not have ventured into this area. Their numbers are for a fulltime job(s) and the expenses (rent hahaha!) are out of touch with reality. Instead of being helpful McDonalds appears paternalistic and ignorant of how their employees live. Most jobs at McD are p/t and minimum wage varies depending on jurisdiction. If they really wanted to help their employees they could (1) stop forcing them to accept high fee debit cards for pay, and (2) pay them a decent wage … minimum is just that. Minimum.

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