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Food on Film

May 6, 2013

Food Tank (The Food Think Tank) published its list of 10 Moves about the Food Movements Worth Watching today. The ten include some good items, most of which are available through Netflix. Their top 10 are:

  1. Food, Inc.
  2. Forks Over Knives
  3. Dive! The Film
  4. The Garden
  5. FRESH, the Movie
  6. King Corn
  7. Food Fight
  8. Our Daily Bread
  9. Dirt: the Movie
  10. The Price of Sugar

There’s some good films there, but the list only scratches the surface of food-centered movies that have come out in recent years. Others worth seeing include:

220px-Super_Size_Me_PosterSupersize Me. This film was one of the first food documentaries. In it, Morgan Spurlock traces the health effects of eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month.

Farmageddon. Explores the struggles faced by small family farmers in the United States.

Beer Wars. The story of craft beer and its relationship with the large brewers in the United States.

The Harvest. Examines the challenges faced by the migrant farm workers—often still children—who harvest the food we eat.

Ingredients. Focuses on the local food movement as a response to the dangers posed by the industrialized food system in the U.S.

Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution. A profile of a French school in the village of Barjac which serves an all-organic (and usually locally grown) menu.

Hungry for Change. A critical take on the weight-loss industry.

Food Stamped. Follows a couple as they try to live on the food stamp budget—approximately $3 per person per day—for a week.

Darwin’s Nightmare. A surprisingly interesting film that starts off considering the environmental impact effect of introducing the Nile Perch into Tanzania’s Lake Victoria and winds up implicating the global demand for fresh fish in Tanzania’s developmental struggles.


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